MDC's Tower Theater

MDC's Tower Theater
  • The Big Short (with Spanish subtitles)

    The Big Short (with Spanish subtitles)

    Prior to the 2008 global financial collapse in which banks screwed their customers by committing the greatest fraud in U.S. history, four outsiders (Christian Bale, Steve Carell, Ryan Gosling, Brad Pitt) decide to take them down when they figure out how to "short" the market. The risk is huge, and they have only one shot at it. Based on the bestselling non-fiction book The Big Short: Inside the Doomsday Machine, by Michael Lewis. “Until you see The Big Short - and I encourage you to do so as soon as possible - it's hard to imagine the near-miracle that director Adam McKay and his co-writer have pulled off.” - Joanna Connors, Cleveland Plain Dealer

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  • 45 Years (With Spanish subtitles)

    45 Years (With Spanish subtitles)

    Screen legends Charlotte Rampling and Tom Courtenay star as Kate and Geoff, a couple preparing to celebrate their 45th wedding anniversary. But a stunning revelation—the body of Geoff’s former lover has been discovered fifty years after she fell from a mountain in the Swiss Alps—suddenly changes everything. Boasting virtuoso, career-defining performances from Charlotte Rampling and Tom Courtenay, winners of Best Actress & Actor at the 2015 Berlinale, 45 Years is an emotionally stunning portrait of the mysteries that lie at the heart of every relationship. “Rampling's powerful performance radiates with authenticity and emotional complexity, and so does the screenplay, which explores commitment and marital longevity without resorting to clichés or simple resolutions.” - Todd Jorgenson . Cinemalogue

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  • Son of Saul

    Son of Saul

    A concentration camp inmate tasked with burning the dead discovers the body of his young son, and must choose between participating in the clandestine uprising being planned among the prisoners, or securing a proper Jewish burial for his child. “It’s the rarest kind of movie-going experience: an absolute masterpiece...It's impossible to be a lover of cinema without having been down this road before in films like Schindler's List and The Pianist. But Nemes is telling his story in a revolutionary new way...” – Chris Nashawaty, Entertainment Weekly

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  • I Knew Her Well (lo la conoscevo bene)

    I Knew Her Well (lo la conoscevo bene)

    This prismatic portrait of the days and nights of a party girl in sixties Rome is a revelation. On the surface, I Knew Her Well plays like an inversion of La dolce vita with a woman at its center, following the gorgeous, seemingly liberated Adriana as she dallies with a wide variety of men, attends parties, goes to modeling gigs, and circulates among the rich and famous. In 2008 the film was selected to enter the list of the 100 Italian films to be saved. “As one continues to dig, one finds in this period an inexhaustible supply of gems, and I Knew Her Well is nothing short of pay dirt. It stands with Fellini’s La Dolce Vita, Dino Risi’s Il Sorpasso, and Antonioni’s trilogy as a brilliant—and brilliantly entertaining—document of Italy’s contradictions in the second decade after the war, and, like Antonioni, Pietrangeli put women at the center of his films.” – Alexander Payne,

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