MDC's Tower Theater

MDC's Tower Theater
  • Phoenix


    Nelly Lenz, a concentration camp survivor who has been left severely injured with a disfigured face, follows a re- construction surgery. Then she begins the search for her husband. When Nelly finally finds him, he does not recognize her. Nevertheless he approaches her with a proposal. Since she resembles his wife, whom he believes to be dead, he asks her to help him claim his wife's considerable inheritance... “Both a powerful allegory for post-war regeneration and a rich Hitchcockian tale of mistaken identity, Phoenix once again proves that German filmmaker Christian Petzold and his favorite star, Nina Hoss, are clearly one of the best director-actor duos working in movies today.” -Jordan Mintzer, The Hollywood Reporter

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  • Marshland (La Isla Minima)

    Marshland (La Isla Minima)

    Winner of 10 Goya Awards and one of the biggest hits of the 2015 Miami International Film Festival, this engrossing mystery thriller is set in the marshlands of Andalucía, the Spanish Deep South. In the summer of 1980, two homicide detectives from Madrid are sent to a forgotten town on the Guadalquivir River to investigate the disappearance and possible murder of two teenage girls. Together, they will have to overcome their differences and face the heartless killer that has been preying on teenagers in the town for years. “Marshland is a terrifically well-crafted sunshine noir, with the genre's usual shadows replaced by the searing bright light and heat of southern Spain.” - Sarah Cronin, Electric Sheep “Javier Gutiérrez stands out in the role of his lifetime so far.” - Jonathan Holland, Variety Award-winning Spanish actor Javier Gutiérrez will introduce the film at 7 p.m. Friday, August 21, There will be a Q&A with Gutierrez following the screening.

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  • Listen to Me, Marlon

    Listen to Me, Marlon

    Film star Marlon Brando created a vast archive of personal audio and visual materials over the course of his lifetime. For the first time ever, those recordings come to life. Charting his extraordinary life, the film reveals the complexities and contradictions that were Marlon Brando by telling the story in his own words, revealing a man more humane and compelling than anyone ever could have imagined. “It's as if Riley has ushered us into the darkened chamber of the actor's memories, where Brando himself can whisper in our ear.”- Ty Burr, Boston Globe

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  • The Kindergarten Teacher (Haganenet)

    The Kindergarten Teacher (Haganenet)

    A poetry-loving kindergarten teacher discovers a child poet and decides to take it upon herself to save his greatness from the world, to salvage him from the banal, the mediocre and the crude - to save him from life itself. It is the story of a female Don Quixote, who strives to save the world through the poetry of a child, and of a pensive child who has no desire to be saved. A self-assured, remarkably powerful film...” - A.O. Scott, New York Times

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