MDC's Tower Theater

MDC's Tower Theater
  • Vinyl Days (Días de vinilo)

    Vinyl Days (Días de vinilo)

    Four inseparable friends face midlife crises involving romance and their careers. Damian, Luciano, Facundo and Marcelo have been best companions since childhood, when their shared passion for vinyl records began, but as they enter their thirties new circumstances test their friendship. ” intensely enjoyable comedy about friendship, love and music.” - Jackson Ball, Flickering Myth

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  • Birdman (With Spanish subtitles)

    Birdman (With Spanish subtitles)

    Birdman is a comedy that tells the story of an actor - famous for portraying an iconic superhero - as he struggles to mount a Broadway play. In the days leading up to opening night, he battles his ego “Inspires renewed faith in what we used to go to the movies for - original storytelling, enveloping escape, heart-stopping camera work and enough "wait, what's going on here?" to keep us intrigued from beginning to end.” - Kristin Tillotson, Minneapolis Star Tribune

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  • The Liberator (Libertador)

    The Liberator (Libertador)

    Venezuela’s submission to 2015 Oscar for Foreign Language Film. Simon Bolivar fought over 100 battles against the Spanish Empire in South America. He rode over 70,000 miles on horseback. His military campaigns covered twice the territory of Alexander the Great. His army never conquered -- it liberated. The most expensive film ever produced in Latin America, The Liberator is a striking chronicle of his life and times. “The film is an enjoyable slice of narrative history about a man whose name in history is written beside Cromwell, Napoleon, and Washington, and is finally getting cinematic recognition worthy of his legacy.” -Ananda Dillon, Way Too Indie

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  • 11 Academy Award Foreign Candidates

    11 Academy Award Foreign Candidates

    From Friday, December 26 through Thursday, January 8, 2015. A film series comprised of the 11 official entries for the 2015 Academy Award for Best Foreign Language Film. The series is led by Polish film Ida by Pawel Pawlikowski, which was recently chosen as Best European Film of 2014

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  • Living is Easy with Eyes Closed (Vivir es fácil con los ojos cerrados)

    Living is Easy with Eyes Closed (Vivir es fácil con los ojos cerrados)

    Spain’s submission to 2015 Oscar for Foreign Language Film. A teacher and die-hard Beatles fan Antonio decides to go on a road trip to Almería in the hope of meeting John Lennon, who is shooting How I Won the War there. On the way he picks up two hitch-hikers, Juanjo and Belén, and the unlikely trio follow their dreams and look for their own freedom “Smart and delightful” -Tom Keogh, Seattle Times

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  • Force Majeure (Turist)

    Force Majeure (Turist)

    Sweden’s submission to 2015 Oscar for Foreign Language Film. One of the foreign films nominated for the 2015 Golden Globe Awards, this funny and precisely observed psychodrama tells the story of a model Swedish family on a ski holiday in the French Alps that find themselves staring down an avalanche during lunch one day; in the aftermath, their dynamic is shaken to its core, with a question mark hanging over their patriarch in particular. “Force Majeure is a brutally smart and original film.”-Jessica Kiang, The Playlist

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  • Cantinflas


    Mexico’s submission to 2015 Oscar for Foreign Language Film. Cantinflas is the untold story of Mexico's greatest and most beloved comedy film star of all time. From his humble origins on the small stage to the bright lights of Hollywood, Cantinflas became famous around the world, one joke at a time. “…an interesting look at the early life of the man Charlie Chaplin once called the funniest man in the world." - Yvonne Condes, Common Sense Media | full review

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  • The Dark Valley (Das finstere Tal)

    The Dark Valley (Das finstere Tal)

    Austrian’s submission to 2015 Oscar for Foreign Language Film. A lone rider (Sam Riley, from Malificent) arrives in a European high mountain village where he is allowed to stay before the harsh winter. He introduces himself as a photographer from America, but nobody suspects it is him. He is there to settle a score long since forgotten by everyone but him. "Visually ravishing!.. A superior genre piece." -Stephen Dalton, The Hollywood Reporter

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  • The Circle (Der kreis)

    The Circle (Der kreis)

    Switzerland’s submission to 2015 Foreign Language Film Oscar. Zurich, 1958. Teacher Ernst Ostertag falls head over heels in love with the transvestite star Robi Rapp and finds himself torn between his bourgeois existence and his commitment to homosexuality. Ernst becomes a member of the gay organization Der Kreis and lives through the high point and the eventual decline of the organization, which is seen as the pioneer of gay emancipation. “From its backroom politicks to its bedroom activities, The Circle has a sincerity and an honesty that shames far more expensive but over-polished dramas. Plenty of movies have happy endings; The Circle shows you both the happy ending and the incredibly hard work it took to get there.” - James Rocchi , TheWrap

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  • Ida


    Poland’s submission to 2015 Oscar for Foreign Language Film. 18-year old Anna is preparing to become a nun when the Mother Superior insists she first visit her sole living relative. Anna soon finds herself in the presence of her aunt Wanda, a worldly Communist Party insider, who shocks her with the declaration that her real name is Ida and her Jewish parents were murdered during the Nazi occupation. “Riveting, original and breathtakingly accomplished on every level, Ida would be a masterpiece in any era, in any country.” -Godfrey Cheshire,

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  • 1001 Grams

    1001 Grams

    Norway’s submission to 2015 Oscar for Foreign Language Film. When Norwegian scientist Marie attends a seminar in Paris on the actual weight of a kilo, she meets Pi, and she is forced to question her priorities, figure out a new balance between life and work – and most importantly, open up to a new world of possibilities while also remaining true to herself. It is her own measurement of disappointment, grief and, not least, love, that ends up on the scale. "Master of the humanist comedy Bent Hamer ponders the weight of the human soul in this delicate art film that rarely makes a false move" -Deborah Young, The Hollywood Reporter

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