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  • On My Way (Elle s

    On My Way (Elle s'en va)

    Now in her early sixties, former beauty queen Bettie (Catherine Deneuve) finds herself jilted by her lover and left alone to deal with the financial problems facing her family’s restaurant. What begins as a quick drive to clear her head turns into a full-fledged trip, and, at the end of the road, into love. "Catherine Deneuve is at a point in her career where virtually every movie she makes is, to some degree or other, about herself. She has no American equivalent - there is no actor or actress we hold in the same regard...” - Mick LaSalle, San Francisco Chronicle

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  • Child

    Child's Pose (Pozitia Copilului)

    A steely, upper-class Bucharest architect determined to keep her 30-something deadbeat son out of jail after a deadly car crash, try to convince the police, eyewitnesses and even the victim's family that her son was not recklessly speeding. “It's surprising that the Romanian film Child’s Pose, starring Luminita Gheorghiu, missed the cut for a Best Foreign-Language Film Oscar nomination.” - Peter Rainer, Christian Science Monitor

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