MDC's Tower Theater

MDC's Tower Theater
  • Selma (With Spanish Subtitles)

    January - Selma (With Spanish Subtitles)

    Beginning January 30. Selma is the story of a movement. The film chronicles the tumultuous three-month period in 1965, when Dr. Martin Luther King, Jr. led a dangerous campaign to secure equal voting rights in the face of violent opposition. “Instead of a history lesson, Selma plays like suspenseful, absorbing drama.” -Rene Rodriguez, Miami Herald

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  • Timbuktu

    February - Timbuktu

    2015 Oscar Nominee - Best Foreign Language Film This film take a look at the brief occupation of Timbuktu by militant Islamic rebels. In the town, the people suffer, powerless, from the regime of terror imposed by the Jihadists determined to control their faith. “Sissako's film is at turns funny, poetic and deeply moving.” -John Bleasdale, CineVue | full review

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  • The Decent One (Der Anständige)

    February - The Decent One (Der Anständige)

    Beginning February 6. Through readings of Himmler's and his family's most personal writings and rarely seen restored film footage from key German archives, Lapa fashions a fascinating case study: a portrait of the man responsible for some of the worst atrocities of the Second World War, who thought of himself in heroic terms. “Home movies juxtaposed with horrific Nazi footage paints the picture of the sleeping monster in us all… Most viewers will be watching for signs of an embryonic monster. What they will see is signs of an embryonic monstrous nation.” – Ron Wilkinson, Monsters and Critics

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  • Human Capital (Il capitale umano)

    February - Human Capital (Il capitale umano)

    Italy’s submission to 2015 Oscar for Foreign Language Film. Human Capital is a nuanced account of desire, greed and the value of human life in an age of financial manipulation. The destinies of two families are irrevocably tied together after a cyclist is hit off the road by a jeep in the night before Christmas Eve. “Superbly played, designed and photographed, this is a worthy companion to Paolo Sorrentino's The Great Beauty.” -David Parkinson, Radio Times | full review

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  • Wild (With Spanish Subtitles)

    February - Wild (With Spanish Subtitles)

    After years of reckless behavior, a heroin addiction and the destruction of her marriage, Cheryl Strayed makes a rash decision. Haunted by memories of her mother Bobbi and with absolutely no experience, she sets out to hike more than a thousand miles on the Pacific Crest Trail all on her own. “Beautifully directed and acted, the immersive, moving Wild is an exceptional redemption movie.” -John Wirt, Advocate

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  • Emerging Cuban Independent Film/Video Artist Program

    February - Emerging Cuban Independent Film/Video Artist Program

    Beginning February 27. This film series is a riveting panorama of contemporary Cuba. The films selected are directed or produced by four young talented Cuban filmmakers. The programs includes the filmmaker(s) in attendance and the Q&A session that will follow. All films are in Spanish with English subtitles

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